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Serve and Submit

Submissives automatically respond to Rob’s strength and power.
Every fiber of your being wants to kneel, to serve, to submit to him.
Daddy Rob loves to receive service from his good boys.
Give in to those overwhelming feelings.
Find a way to serve that fits what you can provide for him.


Subscribe on OnlyFans

Signing up for OnlyFans with a long-term or renewing subscription helps build Rob’s wealth and status.
It also gives you a direct connection to your Master and lots of images and videos to fuel your addiction.


Buy Gifts

Your Master needs supplements to fuel the endless growth and refinement of his body and equipment and materials to enact his creative vision. Good boys can serve both needs using Rob’s wishlist.


Send Tributes

The most pure form of service is to directly tribute Rob with cash. This drains your strength to enhance his – it is the most pure form of service.
Cash App is the easiest way to send but you can also use OnlyFans tips – be resourceful or ask for other payment methods.



Faithful disciples follow Rob on all social networks and help to lift his social profiles by interacting and resharing his posts.

Twitter: @rob_steels
Instagram: @rob_steel_official
Snapchat: rob_steelz
Reddit: u/rob_steel
Tumblr: robsteelsworld

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