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Rob Steel vs Tripp Evans for Muscleboy Wrestling

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Muscleboy Wrestling realised they had a star on their hands after Rob’s bout with Johnny Grieco back in July, so they’ve begged him to get back on the mat for more. The first of his bouts is out in Match 1 of “Catalog 28 – Heels vs Jobbers” an epic, brutal grind with Tripp Evans.

It’s thirty-five minutes of sweaty, masculine dominance from Rob who picks Tripp up, throws him around the ring and brutally chokes him out. Tripp, to his credit, somehow keeps going back for more and occasionally even gets the upper hand. There’s segments where you think Tripp might have turned the tables, but… well, I don’t want to spoil the many surprises.

It’s sexy, of course, they’re both dripping in sweat, at some point they wind up in just jockstraps, so much bulge! They keep everything professional but so often it feels almost like the bout might slip (or trip?) over into something more intimate. I don’t want to get your hopes up, there’s no dick. But if you don’t get turned on at the thought of Rob tenderly holding you like this…

… then I’m not sure we’re friends after all.

It’s even better than Rob’s bout with Johnny Grieco and that was great. This is hotter, Rob is meaner and –personal preference – but Daddy Rob and the boyish Tripp make a sexier match. This looks like the start of simmering grudge between these two, at least in the ring.

In real life, I guess it’s a little friendlier because Tripp just posted this pic –

Which is too adorable. I want to see these two back in the ring sooon.

You can check out Tripp on Twitter as @TrippEvans3

You can check out the preview and buy the video of this sweaty, brutal brawl at Muscleboy Wrestling.

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