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Sweet, yet Spicy

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If you’ve followed Rob for a while, you’ve probably noticed he has a dizzyingly large collection of underpants. In fact, a lot of sexy underpants. You might not have asked yourself where they all come from… so let me ask that for you,

“Where do all these underpants come from?”

In fact, Rob has a small army of faithful submissives who love buying him things he wants, but there’s only one – Nate – who Rob trusts to buy his sexy underpants. So if you’ve marvelled at the various briefs you’ve seen Rob in, you have Nate to thank.

Mostly, Nate chooses sexy items like jockstraps or posers. But one time, he decided to get a little cheeky and buy Rob something a little less “masculine” than usual, just to see what would happen.

Here’s the thing though, Rob has the kind of alpha masculinity where you could put him in an evening gown and he’d somehow make it look more masculine than most guys in combat fatigues.

There’s more…

You can see those undies are starting to get in the way, right?

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